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17 January 2012

The nanoTHERM consortium will meet with the Scientific Advisory Board next 14 and 15 March in Valencia, Spain. It will be the opportunity to list the first year outcomes and to discuss the research strategy for the near future. The nanoTHERM consortium will benefit from Prof. Jouni Ahopelto (VTT Technical Center of Finland), Prof. Sebastian Volz (ECP-CNRS) and Prof. Felix Yndurain (UAM)'s expertise.


16 December 2011

Begoña Abad, a Ph.D. student at IMM Marisol Martín's group, recently won the best student poster award at SJNANO2012, the first bilateral Spanish/Japanese school/workshop on nanotechnology and new materials with environmental challenges. Her poster presented the first measurements of thermal diffusivity on polyaniline and nanoclay-embedded polyaniline samples fabricated by Leitat Technological Center in the frame of the CONSOLIDER project nanoTHERM.

Read the press release.

12 May 2011

New publication! Prof. Antonio Madroñero's work on hydrogenated carbon fibers has just been published in Laser Scanning, Theory and Applications, constituting one of its chapter.

Get it here.

12 May 2011

New publication! Prof. David Jou and Xavier Álvarez's work on phonon-wall interactions has just been published in Journal of Applied Physics.

A pdf version of the text is available here.

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