ICNlogo Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology

Principal investigator: Prof. Dr Clivia M. Sotomayor Torres

Participants: Dr F. Alzina, Dr P.-O. Chapuis, Dr Y. García, Dr J. Gomis-Bresco, Dr N. Kehagias, Dr T. Kehoe, Mr. L. Schneider, Mr. J. Cuffe.

Activity: The Phononic and Photonic nanostructures group has established a strong research program on 2-dimensional nanofabrication and is pioneering research in 3-dimensional nanofabrication, novel nanometrology, nanoscale thermal transport, confined phonons and nanophotonics; moreover, it has targeted phonon engineering as the focus of its RTD efforts.

Group website: www.icn.cat/~p2n/

UPClogo Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Principal investigator: Dr Antonio López

Participants: Dr F. Villasevil, Eng. J. Soler, Mr. S. Urpí.

Activity: The Group of Thermoelectricity works in the development of new thermoelectric materials and new applications with thermoelectric and power devices. In collaboration with companies it has developed studies on thermoelectric compounds based on BiTe, skutterudite solutions and compounds such as CoSb3-xAsx. It has also developed thermoelectric devices based on the mentioned material.

Group website: http://www.ctvg.upc.es/INSIDE_37_103_ca.html

ICMABlogo Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona

Principal investigator: Prof. Dr Alejandro Goñi

Participants: Dr I. Alonso, Dr M. Garriga, Dr M. Campoy, Mrs. M. Schmidt.

Activity: The Nanostructured Optoelectronic Materials Group focuses on experimental research activities on nanostructured surfaces and materials with application in nanoelectronics and nanophononics. Both the preparation of new materials (by using epitaxial techniques like MBE for nanofabrication compatible with all-Si technology and fundamental research on materials based on polymers) and the characterisation of their properties are equally important to efficiently develop new generations of materials and device applications.

Group website: http://www.icmab.es/nanopto/

UVallogo University of Valencia

Principal investigator: Prof. Dr Andrés Cantarero

Participants: Dr A. García, Dr N. Garro, Dr M. Morais de Lima, Dr C. Mª Gómez, Dr Y. Kosevich.

Activity: The Group of Spectroscopy of Solids has recognized experience in the characterization and theoretical modeling (including the k•p method, tight-binding, pseudopotentials, as well as ab initio techniques) of the optical, vibrational and electrical properties of III-V semiconductors and related heterostructures (quantum wells and superlattices) and nanostructures (quantum dots, quantum wires and quantum rings).

Group website: http://www.uv.es/ges/

LEITATlogo LEITAT Technological Center

Principal investigator: Dr Eng. Laurent Aubouy

Participants: M. Martínez, Dr Mª S. Vazquez, Dr D. Amantia, Eng. J. Saéz.

Activity: The Nanomaterials team possesses strong expertise in the fields of organic synthesis, hybrid organic-inorganic materials, nanofibers development and characterization. The Smart Systems team has extensive experience in the fields of organic and flexible electronic development.

Group website: http://www.leitat.org/english/

UABlogo Autonomous University of Barcelona

Principal investigator: Dr Javier Rodríguez-Viejo

Participants: Prof. D. Jou, Dr X. Álvarez, Dr G. García, Dr A. Lopeandia, Mr. M. Molina.

Activity: The UAB team has significant experience in thermal transport at the nanoscale, combining skills in experimental techniques such as thermal transport measurement at the nanoscale with thermodynamics foundations of heat transport. It is also experiences in the implementation of techniques to synthesize semiconductor compounds either in bulk, thin film or as nanostructured solids.

Group website: http://grupsderecerca.uab.cat/festa/en

CENIMlogo National Center for Metallurgical Research

Principal investigator: Prof. Antonio Madroñero

Participants: Dr Eng. J. Mª Amo.

Activity: Prof. A. Madroñero's team has twelve years experience in manufacturing work and the relationship between structure and mechanical properties of carbon microfibres made from the decomposition of gaseous hydrocarbons.

Group website: http://www.cenim.csic.es/

EHUlogo University of the Basque Country

Principal investigator: Prof. Roberto D'Agosta

Participants: Prof. S. Kurth, Dr J. Mª García, Dr D. Mowbray, Dr L. Stella.

Activity: The activity of the Nano-bio Spectroscopy Group is focused on the field of theory and modeling of electronic and structural properties of condensed matter and on developing novel theoretical tools and computational codes (ab initio, many-body, time dependence, density functional theory) such as Octopus, Yambo and others to investigate the electronic response of solids and nanostructures to an external electromagnetic field.

Group website: http://nano-bio.ehu.es/

IMMlogo Madrid Microelectronics Institute

Principal investigator: Dr Marisol Martin-González


Activity: M. Martin-Gonzalez's group works in the field of synthesis, processing and characterization of nanostructures for energy. The group is highly experienced in the synthesis of nanostructured material and has some pioneering work on thermoelectric nanowire arrays, is well equipped for nanowire synthesis by electrochemical methods and physicochemical characterization.

Group website: http://www.imm.cnm.csic.es/