Knowledge & Technology Transfer

testThe main objective of nanoTHERM consists in developing new thermoelectric materials with enhanced ZT for both low and high temperature applications keeping in mind the economical and technological viabilities.

In this framework, if the materials obtained reach both criteria of performance and price, important knowledge and technological transfers will be carried out in:

  • the chemical sector for the technological transfers of new organics and/or mineral semiconductors;
  • the machinery and equipments companies for the development of tools for compacting and soldering processes;
  • the Peltier cells manufacturer;
  • the electrodomestic and air conditioning manufacturer for cooling applications;
  • and the automotive, construction and industries for low and high temperature energy harvesting applications.

In all of these fields and sectors, Spain is represented by world leading companies such as Fagor, Endesa, Seat, Cidete Ingenieros, Acciona Infraestructura, which are able to transfer to market the results of the nanoTHERM project.